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Voxel probe light leak.


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I need help with setting up voxel probes for this test scene. When I enclose the model with voxel probes I get leaks for the cieling. How to fix this?

unigine_project.world _ - UnigineEditor - (DX11) 7_31_2022 6_18_52 PM.png

unigine_project.world _ - UnigineEditor - (DX11) 7_31_2022 6_19_35 PM.png

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Voxel probe works best in combination with SSRTGI that can do additional corners darkening. You also can try to adjust attenuation distance and increase voxel resolution by decreasing the voxel size (current voxels seems to be too big and you see the interpolation artifacts).

I would also recommend to check current Art Samples and how Voxel probes are baked there (inspect the settings for better understanding how they work).


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Turning on SSRTGI fixes the issue only when the cieling is in screen space. Changing 'ambient bias' also helps, though I don't know what it does. Is there a debug mode that visualizes the baked voxel probes pre filtering and interpolation?

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