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Transparent Shadows...


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Can Unigine do this? I tried with the demo scene to have the glass actually leave behind some sort of transparent shadow (like if the roughness was increased it would decrease the light passing though...


but seems like it isn't supported, it's either casting a hard shadow or none at all.. no in-between which wasn't very realistic.. let alone color...  




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Hi Paul,

There is a very limited transparent shadows support that will make shadows less intense for alpha blended surfaces. You can find this option in material states at the very bottom:


But it will not take the object's albedo color in account, so it's not really suitable for stained glass emulation.

Maybe in the future we will add something similar, but it's hard to tell when.


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I might have tried that but I don't remember it actually working the way I was hoping ie what I'm looking for is to be able to do this at least... wher I can just control the opacity and the resulting shadow  https://forum.unity.com/threads/urp-opacity-and-shadows-is-this-even-supported-anymore.1045252/  not even bothered about the stained glass color coming through.... though that would be nice, especially with volumetric lighting



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