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Dithering for Objects in WorldSwitcher


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I am working on a scene with a Parking Garage and the main problem I am facing now is performance. I tried a lot of options with occluders, LODs and so on.

I had the idea to use a WorldSwitcher for Parked Cars in the back of the garage, but this creates a very noticable pop in so my question is if it is possible to simply add the dithering option you get when using LODs.

I am an artist and cant programm at all so I cant think of anything myself.

Help is greatly appriciated.

Kind regards, Tom Zimmermann

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Which issues are you facing?

Too many draw calls?

Best. Werner

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hey Werner,

the main problem is triangles and shadows that are rendered. Because of a problem within the workflow, I can't really work around now, I have to render around 14.000.000 triangles and shadows (and thats a lot i know).

I can hide a good ammount with occluders already, and I thought about using the world switcher for additional help.



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Hi Tom,

I'm afraid Switcher is not designed to work with dithering, since it's main purpose is to switch something when you already can't see it (or simply replace one object with another with the same shape, so there will be no transition at all).

As far as I remember the approach that we recommended you for that scene was to bake different environment / voxel probes and blend between them. Disabling all the dynamic lightning and shadows is probably the only way that can help you there.


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ah ok, I see what you mean, I thought asking wont hurt.

I am already working with enviroment and voxel probes at the moment, that already did a lot in terms of graphical fedality.

I will try tweaking the shadows in my scene a bit more then.


Thanks for the reply!


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So generally 14M tris should not be an issue - alone. We had scenes rendering way more geometry itself.

btw. 14M is not a lot today ;)

Mostly that is not the issue of course depending on your hardware.

Without knowing anything about your project I can tell that Unigine is capable of a lot of content and rendering at decent speeds.

I asume, that you have too many drawcalls, materials, updates, calcs per frame and your scene is not organized well.



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