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[SOLVED] Unigine::Image::setPixels crashing in 2.6.1


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I'm trying to convert images from OpenSceneGraph to Unigine, the code currently looks like this :

auto osg_image = ...;
auto unigine_image = Unigine::Image::create();

img->create2D(osg_image->s(), osg_image->t(), Unigine::Image::FORMAT_RGB8);

auto data = osg_image->data();


This crashes in Unigine::Image::setPixels, in an assert at line 7285.

I've verified : data is not null.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance!

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It would be complicated to send all the dlls and the proprietary content that is used in the sample.
But here is a simple code example where the problem occurs :

auto img = Unigine::Image::create();
img->create2D(2, 2, Unigine::Image::FORMAT_RGB8, 1, 0);

unsigned char data[12] = {


I create a 2x2 image with with the RGB8 format, it crashes when trying to set the pixels values with the setPixel function.

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Hi all,

Thanks sweetluna!

I think I understand what was going wrong with the implementation. I think that Unigine::Image protects its allocated data by default, except when it doesn't allocate anything.

Apparently setPixels only sets the value of the data pointer and doesn't do any copying.

I ended up doing a memcpy on the pointer I get from Unigine::Image::getPixels as a destination and this seems to work very well.


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