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Building cannot be created


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I created a building using 2.5D Building, but it is not visible in the viewport.

To test whether there is a problem with the shp file to be used, I randomly drew a polygon in 'global Mapper' and applied it, and the building was created normally.

Since the size of the SHP file is large, an image captured from the setting values and SHP attribute values in the Unigene editor is attached.

Please read them in numerical order below.


1.1) Buidling Tag

In the image in 1.2, we randomly created polygons with 0 in the BDTYP_CD attribute so that all non-zero polygons are selected.


2.1) Floor Tag

The GRO_FLO_CD property shown in the image in 2.2 was conditional on all non-zero polygons. GRO_FLO_CD is the number of floors above ground.


3) Vector - 2.D Building

The 3rd image is the 2.D Building setting. I know that if I create one in the category and set it as the default, all of them are applicable.






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@YoonMo.Kim Actually it's hard to tell what's happening at the moment. May I ask you to share shape sources to be able reproduce same issue on our side?


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@YoonMo.Kim Actually there is no issues with buildings generation itself. The problem is that the used data is exported with UTM15 projection which is also confirmed with 3rd party application too. Please see attached image.



So, basically your buildings is just out of "Play zone" location which is set for Seoul city I guess.


In order to spawn buildings in proper place used vector data should be reprojected similar as height and albedo data.





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