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I'm trying to get to a minimal file set for starting (infrastructure) projects. Unigine is pretty good at creating what it needs from minimal information, but I'm not clear on some of the process.
The problem I have is that some project specific stuff loads - even things like thumbnails. I'm on the ui preview and parts of that get loaded. 

My guess is that that the `configs` path drives this but I'm not sure and also see "`project_template:` in the .project file. 

Using config file "configs/default.config"
Using boot config file "configs/default.boot"

Thought it was time to ask.

Two questions:

How do I control what gets put into initial project? (I guess point to a `config` path?)
Second, what is project_template (in .project)?


I'll outline my process.

I create a new project and open it in VS. 

I delete all but this, and delete the startup info from launchSettings and most stuff from Main:


    class Program {
        static void Main(string[] args) {

In .project/files I delete everything that isn't a bin/dll/etc. especially all project_xxx stuff except mount point, source dir, and main path (attached). 

Clean & build and data/configs/... are created. Nice.

Open in the editor. It finishes the job. Plus. Most obvious is the thumbnails.



Creating a new world creates a functional world, but always these too:

Xml::printUnusedData(): Unused in file:"LogicalNodes.world"

Unused in node:"render_filmic" data:"1"

Unused in node:"render_ssr_denoise_gussian_sigma" data:"10"

Unused in node:"render_streaming_upadte_limit" data:"1.5"





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The thing is that .project file is only needed for UNIGINE SDK Browser to display the correct information about project in UI.

Warnings when you load your world more likely related to the content migration, you are trying to load world that was created in previous versions of engine. Warnings will disappear after you will save .world file, but the visuals may change. For example, in 2.15 render_filmic was renamed to render_tonemapper, so engine doesn't know what's render_filmic anymore when it reads world content from the XML file.

You can migrate your content via migration scripts or SDK Browser.


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Interesting about .project. I was wondering why I changing the values didn't seem to do anything :).  

Yeah, the warnings go away on save. (The project is created and scrubbed in the same version, but since it's the preview) 

@silent Where is the setting that determines which folder the editor pulls the main and logic templates from? The editor is pulling in templates when it "repairs" the empty project. Can I set that path somewhere and use my own templates or do I need to replace the files in the existing folder?

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