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Warping related inquiries


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I have a question related to the warping operation, so I made an inquiry.

The simulator system we are currently using allows you to modify and check the grid in real time in IG by connecting another laptop to the PC displayed on the monitor during warping.

When I looked at Unigine's documentation and worked on it, I couldn't see what IG looked like in real time when I was editing various settings.

Is there a way to warp while checking the IG screen in real time?

Answers I'll wait. thank you


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Hi Kim,

You can adjust warping on a separate PC. The only downside of this currently is that you need to have the whole scene to be presented on this PC locally.

This PC can be master or slave, all you need is to open screen configuration menu and adjust the grid as you need.


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Are you saying that there is a disadvantage of having to view and modify the grid of multiple PC screens on one PC screen?

Is there any way I can work while editing the grid and see how it looks in IG?

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