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Projection does not apply.


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I tested about projection settings.

However, warping does not apply.


I setting syncker in ig_confing like

		<channel view_id="0" use_syncker_projection="1" syncker_name="projector0"/>
		<channel view_id="1" use_syncker_projection="0" syncker_name="add_cam"/>

and set projections configration.


and set command line.

[ -sync_master 1 -sync_count 1 -sync_view projector0 ]


Debug information is as follows



result screen( didn't warping)


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you need to add AppProjection plugin to startup

-extern_plugin "IG,AppProjection"


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thank you.

I didn't even think about it


I hope there is that comment on the IG template document page.

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I have one more question.
In order to set exactly half the brightness of part in blending, should I set it to alpha 0.5 and contrast 0.0? (or alpha 0.5, contrast 0.5?)

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