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lag after height map edit


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When editing heightmap, after releasing button there is cca 3 sec lag until I can continue. Decompress textures has no effect. It started with dx11 terrain, previous version is fast (same 4096 height map).

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Hello @deondredaniel!

Looks like that we need a bit more information to help you. We've been on DirectX11 for ages already and at the moment it's not really clear for us what exactly object you are using. Is that ObjectLandscapeTerrain or ObjectTerrainGlobal? Check yourself by clicking on object from "World Hierarchy" window and open parameters tab, there will be "Type" line which is contains object name.


And few more questions below:

  • What version of SDK you are using?
  • What is your hardware specs?
  • Steps to reproduce the issue?



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