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[Unigine 2.6.1] Content loaded from disk during session


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Let's say we have a very large world with a lot of content in version 2.6.1.

After that the world has finished loading, according to the task manager, there are still some loading that is being done from disk during a normal use-case, when we navigate in the world.

I guess this is some kind of cache for the textures/meshes. Is there anyway to cache everything during world initialization to completely prevent disk access during simulation in 2.6?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Karim,

Generally it's not possible to eliminate all the additional loads from disk.

Most of the spikes occurs because of the incomplete shader cache, so you can do warm-up before actual scene loading (just move camera around your level and let the shader cache to be generated) - you can also check warming up process in Superposition sources and implement similar logic on your side.

You also can increase textures / meshes limits, so they will be unloaded less frequent:

  • world_manager_meshes_memory (in MB of RAM)
  • render_manager_meshes_memory (in % of VRAM memory)
  • render_manager_textures_memory (in % of VRAM memory)

You can also experiment with quite dangerous commands that disables async loading of meshes and textures:

  • render_manager_create_textures
  • render_manager_create_meshes

But in that case you may expect crashes if there will be too many textures / meshes and you will hit the VRAM limits.



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I've just checked out the Superposition source code and couldn't find the warm-up mechanism. Can you please specify in which file(s) this is implemented?


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Ok found it.

I will take a look at it, and try experimenting with the render_manager commands and will keep you up to date.


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