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About letting a mirror have a real shadow.


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Hi, long time no see.



(left : world / right : mirror)

I baked the space using a voxel probes. But as shown in the image, there seems to be less baked shadow in the mirror.  So the image in the mirror looks a little flat.

I want it to be more realistic. 

I tried the world.h file using this link, but it didn't change as I wanted.
What's missing? Material? Setting? Environment probe? is there any way? 
I hope I can get the answer. Help me

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Looks like you expect screen-space shadows to reflect in planar reflections? Unfortunately, that will not work, since screen-space shadows is basically a post-processing effect. 

Also voxel probes contains only information about GI (no shadows either).

So in order to get proper shadows reflected you need to use actual light source with enabled shadows (shadowmaps), but not the screen-space ones.

For interior scenes we generally do recommend to use lightmaps, since they generally provide better lightning quality compared to Voxel probes.


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