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My recent Archviz Scenes


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Hi all,

I am happy to share the some recent archviz projects which I have been working on for a Jordan-based Architect.  I managed to complete each video from start to finish whilst working part time within a 2 week time frame from start to finish -  so very happy about the speed of working using Unigine with good enough lighting being set up using quick voxel probes.

Recent additions to 2.15 have been great for me, with the new cluster brush and expanded vegetation scans being particularly useful! Looking forward to what comes in 2.16! 

Below are some screenshots of the two recently completed archviz scenes and links to the full videos on my Youtube channel. As I am still definitely a Unigine amateur, I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on any improvements I could make with any further work in Unigine!

Thanks for reading! 


Luxury Villa Design / Dead Sea, Jordan

Full link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0mvxtZL3yk1.thumb.png.091455f7c04f800f4cc1b94627be92be.png3.thumb.png.60a9bda1453fcebc9203a99865374ced.png2.thumb.png.9a8a8e843972aa6334660e06ef6d15d6.png




Modern Apartment / Amman, Jordan

Full link to video: https://youtu.be/Nxsw-6l5GRE





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