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[SOLVED] FMOD integration problem


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So basically I'm trying to add the FMOD integration on both C# and C++. VSTUDIO

I got to the whole download from the site (2.02.04). Added to bin and changed the batch files (editor, debug and release) extern to have FMOD and also added the FMOD plugin from configuration.

I added the .dll to the samples and they work fine...

In my code files I did a simple FMOD.get() and the fatal error comes.

It still doesn't work for my project. What am I missing? 

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8 minutes ago, silent said:

Hi Omar,

If you need FMOD to work in your project, you need to copy FMOD dlls into the bin folder of your project as well.


I did.


Basically this is the steps I did:


Added the 4 .dll FMODs to the bin directory

Changed all the batch files to include FMOD in the extern_plugin part

Added FMOD onto the launch settings in properties

Added FMOD plugin through project configuration

I don't know what I'm missing

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14 hours ago, silent said:

Can you show us your code and describe how do you launch project? Maybe a screenshot with error if any?

I'm away from work or else I would show you. The main error is the fatal error message that's all

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Hey silent thanks for waiting. The blank project worked so I decided to try it again.

Made new project and added FMOD plug in via configuration

Added the same .dll that you gave me in bin

Changed launchsettings.json and launch-debug batch -extern_plugin to include "FMOD"

Wrote a c# component script with just one line in init: FMOD.checkPlugin()

Error says UnigineWrapper: could not load plugin FMOD


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Omar, thanks for the project!

First of all, you forgot to include ending double quotes in the launch parameters: 


so, all the launch parameters after world_load were simply ignored.

Second, looks like you downloaded x86 fmod libraries (instead of x64). In attachment you can find x64 dll files from fmod website that should work as expected.



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