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Is this what the landscape is supposed to look like?


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I followed this tutorial here :


But my landscape looks like this when adding it to the world. Is this correct? Or is this a bug? This is on a fresh project, default landscape settings, nothing else in the world


When I paint albedo, it doesn't color, it just shows these weird glitchy squares popping on and off


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@trandana The effect you see on the edges of the screen is expected as a part of internal optimization of the LandscapeTerrain object. But the behavior you observe with the terrain itself does not seems normal to me.

Probably some incompatible device or operating system is being used. May I ask you to share your hardware specs?


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Thanks for the reply.

My specs:

CPU: AMD 3960x
Ram: 32GB
GPU: AMD 6800XT - Driver 22.1.1
Motherboard: MSI TRX40 Pro
Monitor res: 3440x1440p
Windows 10 Pro - Version 2004
Unigine Community 2.15

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I just tried setting up a landscape on my laptop with an 8700k and gtx 1070 and it worked fine:

So could be a driver related issue


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I have same issue as the original poster, in Linux with newest drivers, however it works good in Windows with the same card, AMD RX 570 8GB.


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Yes, AMD Linux OpenGL driver (even Mesa) can result in multiple issues with LandscapeTerrain rendering. We will check if there anything we can do prior to 2.16 update.

Could you please also send us output of glxinfo | grep OpenGL command and a screenshot of graphical artifacts?


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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