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Artifacting when using hair cards


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Hi Guys,

Hope everyone's doing well!

I'm having a bad hair day! 

Can you advise on settings or processes I need to use to get the best from my hair cards for long hair. If I make the albedo black I'm getting ok results. 

However anything other than black and I'm getting a lot of artifacts.

I've attached a Blender screengrab and Unigine grab for your reference.


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Thanks Silent, I don't understand what you mean by sorting from model pivot? 

If I figure this out are you saying Unigine can give me the correct results?

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Only if you will do a custom import on your side and save mesh with sorted polygons in the order that will not give you artifacts. 

I'm afraid out of the box we don't have an algorithm for the polygon sorting that would fit hair strands rendering.

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I once did that in 3dsmax. The way it worked was, when you attach objects to one another, it basically increments the lets say "render order".

So say you have plane0. then you attach plane 1 then you attach plane 2 aso. The "render order" is 0 (first) 1 2 3 4 (last). In a hairy situation you would have 4 as the outer hair layer.

I am not sure if it still works like that (I dont use 3ds max any more) but you get the idea ;)

That works well with clearly constant separate layer orders. Problematix starts when you have objects not in that system (e.g. cutting geometry). 

In your case it could work as desired, but you must not use 2sided I guess, otherwise the backside of the cylinderical shape is rendered over the inner one.

Best. Werner

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