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Upgrading from to 2.15 (and back again!)


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The last year has seen me building a number of C++ API trial projects in attempting to get familiar with Unigine. It has been hard work, but I've managed to get most of them compiling (VS2019) and running successfully.

However, I recently upgraded the SDK Browser to enable upgrading Unigine to 2.15. I enabled the automatic upgrade/migration of all my projects.

I then found that I was unable to successfuly compile them because of all the changes that had been made to the C++ API. Being a 75 year old hobbyist 3D graphic programmer, I do not have the time nor inclination to wade through the supplied API Migration Docs to make all the neccessary manual changes to the code of my projects.

It is for this reason that I have reverted back to using of this wonderful 3D graphics engine.

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Sounds totally reasonable.

We usually dont migrate but produce in one version and take the next projects to actual SDK version at least there is a killer feature we want to utilize.

Migrating is not fun ;).



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