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fbx selection in content browser editor crash


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in every time I select an heavy FBX file in content browser in order to display its import parameters or for reimport, editor crashes (vanishes). Any large fbx file (ie with "fbx file too large for preview" mention in content browser) seems to produce this behavior, even if I collapse preview tab and also even if the file was previously imported without any problem (and put into world already).

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We have not been able to reproduce this crash in our environment.

Please send us your .fbx file and tell us which environment you are using (system, video card, DirectX / OpenGL) and which API+IDE you are using in your project. We will try to reproduce this crash in a similar environment.
Also try to clear editor cache (delete editor folder). 
The path for Win:
Path for Linux:


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I've uploaded a file exemple  to Ung FTP (in folder RJ_crashy_FBX_selection).

First import in UNG takes some time but is processed correctly (scale should be 100 btw). I could even drag it to the world and manipulate it etc.

Anyway,  if the file is then selected in content browser, Ung crashes. I'm on win 10, Dx12, rtxTitan24gb, driver 496.76, SDK is latest, project is configured with C++VS2017, there's no change in the app template.

Other files, like small "displayable" FBX, or textures (having thousands it might be difficult to try them all:)) don't cause this problem 

As for the cache clearing and editor conf deletion it didn't fix the issue...annoying  

Last side note, I've just tested this manipulation in a new empty project, and of course crash doesn't happen :(, only in the heavy project where it's actually used. So I guess this problem will be hard to debug...


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Hi Romain,

Thank you for additional info, but still no success in reproduction. There's few other things that could cause this behavior. Maybe in your project this .fbx has specific import parameters the cause crash, could you please attach .meta file located in you project aside with crashy fbx.  Also editor_log.txt from %PROJECT%/bin might be helpful in figuring out what happens in specific project.


Thank you.

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We tried your fbx with .meta on our internal projects, including heavy ones, but still no crash, so i believe the problem could be in specific project filesystem setup, could you please attach editor_log.txt from %PROJECT%/bin

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hello all,


I notice the same thing, I have an FBX file that is around 97mb in size, and as soon as I try to import the file the editor crashes (closes), I have imported this file before without any issues, although that was before Unigine version 2.15, currently I am running 2.15.1.

Another thing that happened today is that I could not log into the SDK browser, the error it gave me was that I had to check my internet connection, but I was listening to music on youtube so the connection was there, I had to reboot my PC to get that error fixed, the fbx import crash did not get fixed though.

Another thing, I have been using unigine the entire week this week without any login issues

Any quick help would be helpful, thanks in advanced.



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