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migration of sandworm file problem and landscapeTerrain lmaps weirdness


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Hi,dev team just 2  questions : 

I've migrated/updated some .sandworm conf with migration script from to but almost if not all masks settings are incorrectly updated (i originally had 18 masks but when loading in 2.15 I get only 6 left, all with different names cryptic names (renaming of slots is indeed documented tho) ) apparently only mask slots used by objects clutters were somehow upgraded during migration, all other terrain masking settings are lost...

On another hand I wasn't able at first to use/load migrated lmaps (from 2.14 to 2.15, again updated with migration tools), I got some

LandscapeMapFile::load() wrong first magic lf12 in "pathToMyData/V3_1_sandworm_2.5mpx.lmap" file

for every lmaps. So landscapeTerrain didn't show up...

So I've investigated the problem, and apparently all .lmaps located in a mount point were NOT updated during manual migration process (even if .meta is migrated). I've checked the modification dates and htese files weren't modified during the update process, only those in /data folder are upgraded during main migration done with sdk browser (lucky me I had some backuped lmaps laying in my data folder)

So, first is it possible to upgrade an old sandworm project without loosing its settings (then how ?), mainly for terrain masks?

Can you confirm that external .lmaps are not migrated when making a manual scripted update?



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-1 yes that's what I've done, I manually upgraded all my mount points, all data (nodes, mat, textures etc )  was upgraded inside these mount points, but NOT the .lmaps located also in mount points 

-2 I see what I can share :)


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Romain, we look at your project and found out the following things:

1) If original project has tags with the same name those layers will be merged into one slot, so after migration you will need to share filters for the ones where filters has been missed

2) If no object has been assigned to a mask, such masks will not be migrated, because unfortunately it is technically impossible to do

3) A unique identifier is assigned after migration since the previous version did not have the concept of "slot" and these names can be manually renamed after

4) In the original project there was two objects "thyme_garrigue" but because of a known bug only one of them was displayed, after migration both of these objects are appears as expected

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, not all parameters can be correctly migrated automatically, so sometimes you have to done manual migration too.

We will update the documentation and point out the cases described above. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.



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Hi, yes documentation should mention better limitation of migrating sandworm pre-2.15 files, anyway it's not a big deal to redo all settings with concept of slots (which actually changes the way all conf is made). I've redone new conf files and am generating right now.

What's is more annoying is :

1-that all my previous terrainDetails materials configuration stored under previous landscapeTerrain will be lost once new terrain is ready. I already mentioned that problem so that user should be able to re-use sets of landscapeDetail materials (maybe stored as a node) and reapply that to terrain masks slots.

2- One another side problem (will probably have to elaborate more about that in another thread) is that I've noticed that objects (clutters or grass) generated with Sandworm and masked by terrain masks, are not exported as tiles of clutters as it's done in old landscape Tool, if they cover large areas (bigger than 10km*10km). At least this is the case for all generation I've done with 2.14 : all objects generation gave me very large clutters (ie in my case for this area about 50km*50km) as result, same thing for objectGrass.

I guess this might be problematic precision/performance/memory wise.

I'll see if this is still the case in 2.15 (once my terrain is produced) :)


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