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Varjo Leap Motion rotate problem


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Hello Unigine :)

I’m trying to use Leap Motion in Unigine 2.11.0

but I have a rotate problem


when I catch object, it rotate suddenly

I want to get rid of sudden rotation and make it natural

I tried to use offset but it rotate weird


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	if(grip = True)
		// I tried this one, but it rotate weird
		// offset = objectRotation - handRotation;
		// objectRotation->setRotation(handRotation + offset).normarlize());


in my environment I’m using:

    Varjo VR-2 (use more) & VR-3

    Unigine 2.11.0

    Leap motion 4.1.0

    (I can’t change my environment)


Any help would be appreciated

Thank you :D


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We do not support Leap SDK 4.x out of the box, so it must be your own implementation?

I'm afraid without knowing how it works it's would be very problematic to to offer some valuable help. If possible, could you please send us the whole code and data folder of your current test project (to see how the objects are being configured inside the Editor).

Ideally we would like to fully reproduce your test scene on our side with our LeapMotion devices to get a full understanding of what's going on here.


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Hello, silent :)

Thank you for the reply 


I heard that we use Leap Motion Unigine plugin

and made own drawHand() method to render Leap Motion hand


because of the security issue I think we cant send whole code and data

but I will send you message after ask my superior

many thanks!






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