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feature suggestion : more advanced timeline


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hi to the unigine devs and the community

wish yall a happy new year

it would be cool to have a scriptable timeline just like unity3d where the user can implement codes and gameplay logic into the timeline (tracker)

and then everything will execute frame by frame as an playable clip (animation)

the default playables of unity are animation clips,audios,particlesystem,and also a recorder system which records entire scene frame by frame as a predefined output in this case it would be animation clip or even video files

also i think a good camera controller would be so cool 

something like cinemachine which is also a good companion with timeline

btw a big thanks for such an amazing engine and your hard works and the time and effort that you put on this engine


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Thanks for the feedback!

Basically, what you described should be (at least partially) covered by the new animation / tracker system update. It's takes so much time simply because of the big under the hood changes that needs to be done before actual tracker tool update.

Btw, you can already export track sequence to the set of in depended frames (that you can combine later in any video editor to the video) :)

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hey mate

thanks for the reply

and we all know the time and effort that you putting on this engine ,but remember more out of the box functionallities = bigger community

im waiting for a cinemachine like camera system to migrate my project into unigine

btw thanks for such an amazing virtual world builder

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