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I looked at the Unigine sample.
I followed USC-> Physics-> rope_02 form there.
However, unlike the sample, the rope and rigid are connected by JointParticles as shown in the picture, and when executed, they fall like that.

image.png.1dd35268b6d891a1083d95eb17dfc9ef.png ObjectMeshDynamic scale  Z: 10


I made a total of 2 places, the other part works just fine.



I want to know what the problem this.

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If you want to create a non-stretchable rope it's better to check a specific sample:

  • SDK Browser -> Samples -> C++ API -> Physics -> CraneRope

It mostly fits for winches, cranes and similar stuff. It was added recently, so if you are using an old SDK like 2.11 you may need to download a new version.


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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