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Is there Augmented Reality application support in Unigine


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Hi SaiKrishna,

We have developed our own product based on UNIGINE for MR (Mixed Reality). 

For Creating AR application we need to do two main important tasks. 

  1. POSE Tracking of physical camera, Be on the Studio Camera or Mobile Camera
  2. Lens calibration to match up virtual feeds with real feeds.

Check the attached video for MR.  I have written a component for tracking. I can take any system in the world which supports FREE-D protocol. Also implemented protocol for Stype.

For tracking in the video below I have used Anti latency (But ALT jitters on steady camera pose). But in next 4-5 ,months we are launching our own tracking hardware using computer vision. It will be used in AR applications. The first support will be for UNIGINE . We write our plug in for UNIGINE and the tracker will work with any UNIGINE project.

Lens calibration is little tricky with finding FoV. Lens distortions, nodal offsets (no parallax points) and DoF planes. The video not showing the precise placement as lens was not fine tuned for FOV (Video is almost 8 months old. But now we achieve pixel perfect MR with any tracking hardware and UNIGINE.

Hope this makes clear that you don't need special SDK to achieve this. If you can do two things described above, you can achieve MR. We are in process to write a compositing pass where virtual shadow and reflections will come on real and vice versa.


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