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Hi, i have this big and higly detailed landscapeTerrain (~50km*50km but this is only quarter of target extent) with many (hundreds in order to cover all area each clutter being between 2 or 4 km or less for grass impostors) clutters under it (so intersection is enabled), clutters have some grass impostors under them too.

I understand it can take sometime to plant them around observer, but I'm experiencing some editor freeze every time I switch focus to another application and go back to Editor, even if all clutters seem to have fully loaded already: it can take then several dizains of seconds or even minutes to get Editor interactive again. If I hide/desactivate all clutters (or leave only a few), freeze disappear.

Any idea how to get rid of this annoying behavior (beside masking clutters)?

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Maybe OS is moving Editor's memory to swap and when you get back to it again it's slowly copying all the required swap contents to RAM back again?

Can you record video of this behavior with Task Manager and Performance tab (Memory section)? We need to reproduce at least similar issue on our side in order to be able to understand what's going on.


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maybe some more details: these are meshClutters not WorldClutters (node refs) (nor clusters) and obviously they all are masked by landscapeTerrain masks. Same thing for parented grassImpostors, also masked by terrain masks... on a side note will it be possible to use node WorldClutters with landscapeTerrain masks some day ? Don't know how it would behave performance wise (maybe better...) but it's really more convenient workflow-wise to edit and tweak.


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