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Attaching AppOculus Plugin into CustomApp Program.


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Our development program uses the WINAPI class to create a window, and inherits Unigine's CustomApp to handle events and rendering.

We added the AppOculus plug-in provided by Unigine to our program, but the "ERROR: AppOculusPlugin::AppOculusPlugin(): App is not NULL" message is displayed and the program ends in the Oculus-related functions.

I checked other posts on the forum and confirmed that the program that inherits the app cannot use the plugin, but I think it will take too much time to develop everything with the Oculus SDK.

Is there any way to use Oculus Plugin for programs that inherit the CustomApp class?

If there is no way, I wonder if there is a related class that outputs the currently rendering screen to the Oculus screen.

thank you.

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Engine can load only one custom App* instance at once, so if you already using it you can't load any other App* plugin (including AppOculus). 

The only way to make it work in your custom application is to write an additional code that would do the Oculus rendering (basically reimplement AppOculus functionality inside your application). Alternative way - is to launch a separate engine instance with only AppOculus (with no your WINAPI code) when you want to display something in VR and maybe pause your current app rendering.


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