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Create nodes according to the ground.


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When creating a node by calling a file from c++ code, is there a way to automatically create a node so that it touches the ground even if the position is specified as setWorldPosition and created higher than the ground?

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Yes, you surely can do it. You need to do an intersection test (cast ray from top to the ground level) and get Z coordinate in the specific point. After that you can place your node in this point with an offset.

What are you currently using as ground (ObjectTerrainGlobal / ObjectLandscapeTerrain or regular mesh)?


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this is a simple example of how to set the height of an object to ground level.

bool drop_to_ground(const ObjectTerrainGlobalPtr &ground, const NodePtr &node, bool up_to_normal = true)
	// get original transform
	Mat4 node_world_transform = node->getWorldTransform();
	// world node position to local terrain position
	Vec3 position = ground->getIWorldTransform() * node_world_transform.getTranslate();
	ObjectIntersectionNormalPtr wi = ObjectIntersectionNormal::create();
	// get vertical intersection
	if (ground->getIntersection(position + UNIGINE_VEC3::UP  * 1000, position - UNIGINE_VEC3::UP  * 1000, wi, 0))
		// terrain local position to world position
		position = ground->getWorldTransform() * wi->getPoint();
		// change z of original transform
		node_world_transform.m23 = position.z;
		if (up_to_normal)
			vec3 normal;
			mul3(normal, ground->getWorldTransform(), wi->getNormal());
			node->setWorldTransform(setTo(node_world_transform.getTranslate(), node->getWorldTransform() * Vec3::FORWARD, normal, AXIS_Y));
		return true;
	return false;

I'm not sure if this works 100%. ask if there are any problems

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