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Editor performance with grass


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I have a very heavy grass object which I need to tune for performance. So in the Editor, I display the FPS counter and various profiler statistics. But the FPS value displayed drops dramatically when the grass object's Parameters tab is displayed (I drop from 60fps to 45fps). Is this expected? Is there any way to mitigate this drop?


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This also happens with ObjectMeshClutter.

Strangely, it looks like it's triggered by the Surface Material section. When it's collapsed, the FPS goes back to normal. When it's expanded, the FPS drops significantly.

Even more strange, if it's expanded, but not visible on screen, then the fps is normal.

Could this be due to the Sphere sample?



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Hi Stephane,

Current Parameters window implementation is quite heavy, so it can affect overall editor / rendering performance in many cases. We didn't have chance to do a proper debugging yet, but we will see what we can do with it next year.

Right now we will try to reproduce your use-case and file it to our internal bug tracker.


How to submit a good bug report
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