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Entry point for custom editor plugin


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I'm currently porting a custom editor from 2.6.1 to 2.15-alpha.

Usually, when running the editor, a `-editor_plugin` argument is added with a .plugin file, which makes it an entry point for UnigneScript code.

Apparently, in recent versions, this argument and .plugin files are no longer supported. In that case, does this mean that all the UnigineScript code must be rewritten in C++? or is there another way to add an entry point to UnigineScript code for a custom editor plugin?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Karim,

Editor's API is C++ only. In the future we will plan to add C# support for it.

Therefore a custom Editor plugin should be written on C++ and with Qt framework. We are working on removing Qt from the Editor's API, but I'm not sure it happens soon.
There is such an article to create a custom Editor plugin for 2.14:

For 2.15 we will improve and simplify creating of a custom Editor plugin, but it's necessary to wait for several weeks when the next release happens.

You are able to write entry points for your UnigineScript code in three places: system, editor and world scripts. You can read more here:

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