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[SOLVED] Stopping grass movement in windless condition - plugin


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I would like to change the way the grass moves in the wind. The grass movement looks good, except that in zero wind the grass is still moving. ( region and meteo call setWindSpeed  )

Is it possible to somehow modify this behavior, so that at zero wind speed the grass stops moving completely (using properties of the ig-plugin ) ?

Thank  you

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perhaps you need to add call functions:


to stop the animation completely.

ig sets these parameters on average for all layers.

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Thank you for your reply. That's exactly what I'm doing , I'm using 2 layers ( the same result I got when I iterated through all layers with getRegions(). 

With decreasing value I observed using getAnimationScale()  when the value is around 0.00001 the scale is internally set to 1 which caused the movement of the grass. 

So you should not to exceed the given threshold. I used setAnimationSteam() to not animate the grass in this case . 





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