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Parameters sub menues to remember Open/Closed status


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The paramertabs of objects are pretty long,

It is painful to alway manage open/close of submenues (the ones with the triangles).

Once set, I want to remember them their status open/closed.

Is that doable?


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Hi Werner,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm sure that it's doable.

We have couple of more internal tickets that also affects parameters widgets behavior (including the save/restore of subcategories states). Right now they are all marked as low priority. We will see what we can do there, but I wouldn't expect a quick fix soon :(

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I see. Yes, might be minor.
On the other hand, interface is pretty important.
Would be interested what other ppl experience is with such things. In my case, I am clicking many times a day, and using the editor.
This becomes rather painful as a drop of water on the stone, already creating some holes.
It just feels unnecessary repetitive.

But in a more wider picture I think, that the editor could get an overhaul anyway, thinking deeper about design and user experience.

That would be a big update I guess, but wont be so easy and quickly been done.

I understand.....

best. werner


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