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Editor, Helper Dropdown in Global Menua bar (again)


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The Helper Dropdown menue (for showing all kinds of things) is in the Editor Viewport available only, but it effects the Engine Viewport as well.

When working in the Engine Viewport, I need to go to Editor viewport, disable option, go back again.

That feels unnecessary painful.

In previous Engine versions, this helper menue was on the global menue bar.

Bringing that back, I would suggest.



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Hi Werner,

Looks like you are still on the old workflow with UnigineScript-based project?

Right now I'm afraid we don't have any plans to make new adjustments for this legacy mode since most of the current projects are either C++ / C# based and there is no such functionality with opening an additional Engine viewports available.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Wahhhh oO.
I actually dont know about old or new workflow. 
Might be I am the old workflow myself. ;)

Hmm. I might ask, what the concepts are.

We are using the editor and c++ but I am not sure how that effects workflow itself.

No inconvenience caused !! Thanks to wake me up ;)


Ah I now understand.
Yes, old style. I dont like the PlayButton style. Running everything in the Editor is the way we do it.
Not sure if there are drawbacks but it works.

Best. Werner

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