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Suggestion: shaders pre-compilation filename (shader_d3d11) depending on GPU


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If generating shader_d3d11{_debug}.cache improve runtime exec and such file is GPU related, would it be possible to make the name related to the GPU?
Currently we're not putting it in versioning, meaning that each user needs to generate it.
But in IG mode with up to 10 similar config, that would be interesting.
Another interesting setup is using eGPU with exactly same GPU.

Would it be possible and make sens?

Kind regards,

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Hi Charles,

Generated shader cache should work fine between different PCs (even if you will generate cache on AMD GPU it would work fine on nVidia), so there is no any reason to separate cache between different GPU models. There might be some small differences between GPUs, but 99% of the .cache file contents should work fine.

If you need to have fast debug / release start-up times - it's better to store shader cache in repository and commit each change. After some period of time it can be quite big, but you can always delete it and regenerate from scratch.

Shader cache also becomes invalid with SDK version switch (2.13 -> 2.14).


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