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Snow and rain effect with collisions or other ?


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I search a good way to make snow/rain effect with particles dont trought the roof of house for exemple.
If you have any idea how to make this without killing the fps ?
Any idea, suggest or other will be appreciated :).

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Could you do that in a shader and give some discard threshold depending on world position?

Or masking in a buffer for more complex behaviors? 



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Hi Silent,
I have tested the "rain effect particles" from art sample but that work well only for simple geometry like shape box...
If I have a big house with many structures, the fps drop down and I can't ask our users to draw "shape boxes".

The best way for me is to take depthmap from position and generate life particles from depth for exemple.
So, how this is possible to control the particles individualy from the emitter to have my proper system ?

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