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Water mesh disappears occasionally


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Quite often water mesh just disappears.

It can be brought back by giving new surface material but then the parameters reset.

So, I have written on notepad the right parameters so I can get the right look on the water.


Is there something I can do to make it so that it doesent disappear?


thank you



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Hello kobanrammac,


Unfortunately there's a bug in editor handling water_mesh materials. We are aware of this issue and already fixed it. Fix will be delivered with upcoming 2.15 SDK Release

For now there's now workaround available, except for using default, non-editable material.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused 

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Thank you vvvaseckiy,


Good to know. I can manage while waiting for 2.15


I am such a novice with Unigine but i like it a lot!




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