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[SOLVED] Environment Cubemap texture issues


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The modes beside Alpha Blend dont seem to work - reflection turns black in any other case.

The environment texture itself is somehow 'modified' by something, and does not come out as loaded from the file. Somehow the brightness is or gamma or so is changed. It always appears brighter than in the cubemap file. (is there some gamma correction or so on?).


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Brightness difference:

Way to overblown. (hdr? is there some tonemapping happening?) 



Alpha Blend:










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Hmm. The brightness issue I get rid of by using a 16F format.

The Blendmodes still dont work. 

In the sample sections it works.

Using the hotel.dds env. map it doesnt work in my project.

what feature do I need to turn on/off to make it work? Maybe I turned off something which hinders that?


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Hi Werner,

Hard to tell. I can't remember any special settings for that.

If your textures are working fine in the our sample you will need just compare your settings in the .world file with the sample. If your textures are not working in our sample it would mean that something wrong with them (but that's also very weird).


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There was some freakin things going on with the render settings...

somehow in the worldfile there was a path to a rendersettings GUID, which I needed to delete, copy a original rendersettings and a world light (sun) into our .world file.

Then it works now again.

The blend modes do not apply if there is no SKY rendering in the background, and for some reason this SKY rendering was broken.

Hmm. A chain of issues..

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