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Custom Unigine Application Launcher


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Two questions

After i create the final build 

1. I like the Unigine application launcher but is there a way to remove all unigine logo and icon and replace it with my info?

2. Remove system menu when ESC button pressed and replace it with my own custom menu... I have aske how to remove the standard menu and im not sure if this feature is available for community users or pro only. 

Please help. 


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  1. You can already change an image, but not an icon. Icon change would be possible in the next (2.15) release this autumn.
  2. To disable built-in menu you need to use -extern_define "MENU_USER", I've already answered in your previous topic:

    So you would need to write a code that would draw your menu and handle the ESC press button on your side.


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Yes u answered the question but i did not understand what u said which is why im asking again. 

extern_define "MENU_USER", I've already answered in your previous topic:

Where EXACTLY is extern_define "MENU_USER" supposed to go????

U said in my other post that i should go to the exe... Ur instructions are not clear to someone who is very new to ur engine. 

So i keep asking 

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