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the landscape doesn't cast its shadow on itself and other object


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hi I confirm this might be a bit problematic for large terrains (200km*200km or more) where it will be difficult (yet possible) to have an invisible shadow caster grid of lowpoly terrain meshes.but

image.thumb.png.90416699318b706f99674a5c1ece5451.png sounds as a mater of fact at the moment necessary to avoid un-shadowed objects, buildings or vegetation in valleys at short distances...  


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I confirm this lack of landscape shadow can be problematic in some terrain cases. Especially in our location, we have a lot of cliff with trees and buildings at the top near the cliff, and their shadows appears to be isolated on the ground below. This looks odd.

As a workaround, what would be the drawback of having an invisible TerrainGlobal with a very low resolution underneath the Landscape object? Landscape performance is just amazing, so we don't want to hinder this by adding a lower performing object in the scene...


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Thanks for recommendation Slient, I was also tempted to go for some invisible TerrainGlobal because it's way more convenient to produce but lowpoly meshes seem only way to keep high perfs.

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Screenspace shadows have some drawbacks too:

  • they don't mix good with multiple adjacent screens and/or projection blended screens
    • Render borders can help, but it doesn't work with EasyBlend app. This could be a great improvement by the way, to also enhance bloom and other screen space effects!
  •  Also, we find that grass looks far better when screen space shadows are disabled. It would be great to have better options for SSS and grass, as it's a pity we have to disable SSS because they look nice everywhere else :)
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Yep, for multiple projections there is very few things we can do. We'll see if it's possible to implement border rendering for EasyBlend, since it's quite limited in features.

Screen-space shadows have a lot of tweaks, so I believe there should be a way to get a good results for grass objects too, but it would for sure take some time to adjust :)

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