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360 Camera Track not working in Video Grab


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Am trying to take the 360 render of the camera animation/ track. but when I click grab camera track animation is not working, where as it is working in the editor. I have assigned the track in the video grabber as well. Am i missing anything, or is there any other procedure to get the 360 camera track/animation sequence. 

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Due to the nature of how this images are being grabbed it's impossible to stitch them without artifacts.

I've tried to load my grabbed 360 panorama to Chief Architect 360 service and I'm getting no black circles, but different artifacts.





My initial image is 3820x2160 (Curved 360 panorama). So I guess you need to find a different viewer implementation or/and adjust your current's viewer algorithm to correctly handle such situations.

Here's the screenshot from desktop app FSP Viewer:


As an option you also can limit viewers angle, so it would not able to see the black circles at all.


Test image:


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