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Some FBX Objects Import As Black


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Some of the SRB mounts are coming in black and Im not sure why. Normals are correct. They were instances in 3ds Max but I changed them to unique and re-imported them.






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Your model is using a negative scale (Z axis) surfaces, which are currently not supported (and generally negative scale inside the engine).

You need to fix such models manually. In 3ds Max (and any other DCC tool I believe) you can reset transforms (Reset Xform) and selectively fix the inverted normals by regenerating them and adding smoothing groups again.

After that you can import such models without any issues.



I keep losing my profile pic. Is it because its not of my face?

You need to change avatar in your developer profile (yeah, that's not really obvious): https://developer.unigine.com/en/personal


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How to submit a good bug report
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