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Hi please help. 

I have looked for tutorials that go indepth on how to import fbx characters, fix the materials. Fix the animations and so on..

But there are no tutorials on these subjects. Only on importing.. 

So i need help. 

Here is what i have been able to do so far.

1. I imported an animated FBX character into Unigine. 

Problem 1. The character showed up into unigine with bad texturing. The 3d character looked perfect in my 3d modeling software. But when i imported the character into unigine. The textures where horrible. How do i fix that and apply realistic skin textures to the 3d character? Like SUBSURFACE SCATTERING. 

2. Second issue is that when i select the character to play the animation i imported... The animation plays seperately for each item of the character. 

Ungine makes animation so difficult. 

The character moves but not thr clothes.. 

In order to play thr animation for the shoes o have to click the shoes and select it then click play and the shows will start moving but not thr body. 

Why is this so difficult? What am i doing wrong? How exactly is animation handled in unigine. This is a huge subject that for some reason.. Ungine staff have not made a detailed tutorial explaining. 

If i import an animated FBX character who is wearing sandals and a hat.. When i press play.. The entire character should move..

But instead what im experincing is the sandals will move seperatly.. Then thr hair.. Then the clothes have their own animation.. And i vant apply cloth physics to thr clothes of my characters either.


This is beyong frustrating. Unigine is a good engine.. But.. The support needs to improve. 

Simple things like opening a car door in unigine is difficult. Not sure how to do that either. 

Very frustrating engine





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if you want play same animations on multiple meshes, then make other meshes as child of parent mesh. On child meshes check "Controled" on "Mesh Skinned" panel.

After it you load animation on parent mesh, push Play button and all meshes start to play selected animation.

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To play animation on whole model you need to select all the skinned meshes (as honya mentioned before).

And you are right, animations are not the strongest part of our engine right now. You can do most of the manipulations from code right now. But the good news are that we are moving towards an updated animations workflow. There are a lot of things and legacy stuff needs to be rewritten, so this process could take a while.

Regarding the messed up textures - it would be good to take a look on the original model (or to the model exported into the FBX format). If you are using Blender for export into FBX - there might be some issues that can be solved quite easily. Anyway, to understand what's wrong we need to see the model first.


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How to submit a good bug report
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Thank you both for replying. 

I will try what you suggested. 

In regard to the FBX model. I use Daz3d characters and export to fbx. Everything looks fine in daz3d but when i import the character to unigine. Its all messed up. 

How do i fix the skin textures and apply the best realistic skin possible in unigine?

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Ok i will send an example... I was able to get the texture for the skin looking good... By updating the normals. 

Now the other issue is... For some reason... When i import another FBX character.. The materials from the previous character are applied to all my newly imported characters. And when i try to change. The materials for one character.. It changes it for all. 

Please teach me how to solve this

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Ok so far so good! 

I have been trying to figure out how the cloth physics works exactly... 

Im not able to add any cloth physics to the cloth my character is wearing. 

When i import the animated fbx character

I thought all i needed to do was click to select the clothing on the character... Then go to physics and choose cloth.. But this does not work.. Im not able to assign cloth physics at all to anything my character is wearing... 

Nor am i able to asign fracture physics to tables.. Is there a clear tutorial thats shows in depth how to do this? Step by step


LASTLY:: a HUGE issue im having is.. How do u play all imported animation at the same time? 

So far im having to press play on each animated character 1 by 1. 

This will be a problem when i have a lage scene with lots of animated characters... Is there a way to play all the animations at once? 

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 LASTLY:: a HUGE issue im having is.. How do u play all imported animation at the same time? 

There is no other way other than select each MeshSkinned object in a scene and toggle animation play for them once.

There is no detailed tutorial on cloth addition (as well as for fractured bodies), but we have couple of samples (in UnigineScript) that demonstrates how to do it from the code. Here also you can find thread that shows how to use BodyFracture from C#:

Realtime physics simulation can be tough in tuning (especially in cloth part) and it's very limited, so if you can use pre-baked bone-based animation for cloths - it would look and work much better.


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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