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Gravity doesn't appear in track editor


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           When I add gravity to the particles And after reloading the project the gravity doesn't appear to affect the particles and shown in the image below...




After reloading the project


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Hello DK2312,


This happens cause wrong api func was used in tracker scripts. We'll fix it in next release

As a temporary workaround you can fix this in your project by replacing malfunctioning script. 

Please replace file "node.parameters" located at "%SDK_DIR%\data\core\systems\tracker\parameters\" with the one attached. After that put the whole "core/" folder into "data/" folder of your project and remove old core.ung.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused


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Once @DK2312 places the modified file in the SDK_DIR, and he just do update configuration between Development and Release, I guess Core.ung will be built again for that project. Won't it?

Then probably he don't need to put the core folder in his project.


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