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Waiting GPU on Particles


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This is my smoke particle Test. As you can see when the particles and not on Waiting Gpu time is 3 ms. and avg fps is 150




When I turn on the Particles, The waiting GPU time Goes to 20 ms and my Average Frame also drops from 150 to 80






These are the material properties of the particles




There are the general Properties Of the Particles



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Can you tell us your GPU model? And send us your world as a package?

Generally speaking you can expect a huge performance drop with a lot of particles and you need to be careful adding them and tuning. Maybe reducing the lifetime and overall number of particles spawns per frame will give you a better results (in terms of performance).

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Hello NardDog,


Actually it is expected for this kind of content to be highly performance demanding. A lot of particles with alpha blend material overlapping each other on the major part of the screen is quite a stress test for GPU. As mentioned by Silent, you can try to reduce number of particles, or simply move the camera further from particles node and the performance will be slightly better 

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