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parameter windows - tabs content assignment


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I am experiencing a huge frustration in the editor because of the additional parameters tabs which we have on screen.

Its great to design a workspace to our needs. But the assignment via the 'passive' locking is causing a lot of frustrating issues.

It would be fantastic, if a parameter tab can get a fixed content assigned, which doesn't change even after restart of the editor.

We do restart often and work with a lot of different open tabs. If you dont lock all the parameters, it becomes very confusing.

But the locking itself also is frustrating, as its not clearly visible (just the tiny tiny lock symbol). So sometimes you want to use the tab because it is at a non locked position, but you edit a 'locked' tab.

Even the assigning process and the locking is painful.

And the most frustrating thing is, that at every restart you need to assign the parameters. 

Please please improve that!

(sry to be so expressive, but it does cause physical pain to me....)

Best. Werner


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Hi Werner,


It would be fantastic, if a parameter tab can get a fixed content assigned, which doesn't change even after restart of the editor.

I'm not quite sure that understand this correctly. Could you please explain in more detais (maybe with some videos / screenshots) what do you need? That would be very useful for our Editor dev team.


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Posted (edited)

Hello Silent.

Right. So let say, thats my Editor Layout, and at start there are those parameter Windows, which are all empty (as the layout has been 'forgotten').

So I need to 'assign' now the parameters via clicking on the 'object' I want to edit and the lock the parameters via the 'lock' symbol.

Thats the workflow, correct? So I need to do that every time I start the editor, and/or I change the layout.



Finally after painful clicking and waiting (as some parameters may take quite a while to load) .... it looks like that:


Thats all fine, as long as I dont wanna edit a different 'node'.

Then I need to unlock one of the parameters and choose my 'node' I want to edit.

Or alternatively I add another 'Parameter' tab with a 'dynamic' content - not locked.


Basically I find the parallel Layouts really nice, as there are always many thing to edit simultaneously and you dont wanna open and close windows all the time.


The main annoying thing is, that you have to reassign every time when the editor is started, and the Lock/Unlock mechanism is not convenient as you loose control quickly of what you display. 

So a suggestion would be to drop the object you want to display to the empty parameters window...



... and then have the, in this case the Material 'star_base_0' as a 'fixed' parameter window.


Of course you can think of other ways of assignment, lets say if you have the 'dynamic content tab' which display the actual active 'node parameters', then you could have a function, which would say 'Display in individual tab', which creates a new tab with the content, so then you dont need to drag and drop.

Or, there is a 'right click behavior' on the 'node' (e.g. the material itself) which says, 'Display parameters in individual tab'

Or so on.....





With the option to close the window (tab) or to 'empty' it to reassign. (depends on the interface, maybe just closing is simple enough)

The name of this tab should change, colors would help for 'categories' or the possibility to colorize a tab. (in this grey desert I can loose myself ;)

This assignment then does not change, as long as it is not edited, but I can handle the 'parameter tab' as usual. eg. move it....


Of course there needs to be some kind of a 'Dynamic' tab, which displays the actual clicked 'node' as well (basically as it was before, when there was only one parameters tab.




Does that make sense?









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Thanks for the detailed explanation!

I can already see some fundamental issues here (that conflicts to the internal parameters window design). We need some time to discuss and understand what exactly we can do about this and when. 

More likely big changes and refactoring will not happen soon, but some small features like context menu items (Display parameters in a separate tab) should be easier to implement (at leas in my opinion).

Once again thank you for the detailed feedback, it's very important for us :)

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Happy to give feedback, as I am using the editor every day. 
Therefore some issues become sometimes pretty dominant and sometimes 'painful'.

If you find these feedback valuable I am very happy.

I am aware, that designing an UI has many layers and they are not only of technical origin. 

Unigine has come a long way already and I think, that you are taking a good route between new features and improving.

As you mentioned it, from now I will probably give more feedback on UI ;)

Best. Werner


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