Console commands inside WorlLogic


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Hello there !

I come here to ask a simple yet bothering question. 

Why can't I use the method : `Console::run("command");` inside AppWorldLogic::init ? 

When I do it looks like the command is overriden or just ignored.


In order to make it work, I have to use it inside AppWorldLogic::update with the following code :

if (Game::getFrame()==7)
	Console::run("ig_debug 1 && ig_debug_requests 1 && ig_debug_entity_info 1 && ig_debug_visualizer_duration 0.5 && ig_debug_visualizer_depth 1");

It does not work before the 7th frame. 

I was just asking myself if it was on purpose or if there was something I'm doing wrong ? 

Thank you !

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This is because of the IG operate mode. IG turn off ig_debug when switches from Standby to Operate mode. 

you need to set IG MODE = 2 (Debug) after loading world in ig_control packet. (or continue to use workaround with 7 frame)

I just realized that this is not convenient and looks like bug. we will fix this so that it turns off ig_debug only when it swithes from the Debug state. 

Thank you for message!


ps. you can use API methods instead of console commands

auto ig = Plugins::IG::Manager::get();
ig->setDebugMode(Plugins::IG::Manager::DEBUG_MODE::ENTITY_INFO, 1);
ig->setDebugMode(Plugins::IG::Manager::DEBUG_MODE::REQUEST_DEBUG, 1);


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