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How to add Unigine to an existing C# application


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I'm investigating replacements for our current 3D rendering system. I'm currently looking at Unigine. I'm seeing videos or tutorials on how to create a new C# project but i can't find anything on how to add it to an existing project.

Another question. Our application is a winforms and a WPF control to host the existing 3D Rendering control. How can you incorporate unigine into a WPF control?


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Hi Shawn,

WPF integration sample you can find in <SDK_Install_Dir>/source/csharp/apps:

  • main_winform - WinForms sample integration
  • main_wpf - WPF sample integration
  • wpf_multiple_window - WPF with multiple viewports

Please, keep in mind that these samples are only intended to work with the latest .NET 5 SDK (no .NET Framework 4.x support anymore).

I would recommend to start with these and if you still have any questions left after initial integrations - we can discuss them later.


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