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Can I somehow disable showing system menu on ESC button press?

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I've tried with -exter_define MENU_USER and it works - system menu is not showing now.

But now there is another problem. In AppWorldLogic::init I've setup ESC key as STATE_AUX_0:

ControlsApp::setStateKey( Controls::STATE_AUX_0, App::KEY_ESC );

I'm checking if this state is true with this line of code in AppWorldLogic::update:

if ( controls->clearState( Controls::STATE_AUX_0 ) )

But it's never gets true.

I think something is still consuming ESC key press state.

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Looks like STATE_AUX* is being force skipped for Esc button (it's hard to say currently why it's being done like this). Long story short: you can't use STATE_AUX* with Esc button.

Following code should work fine:

if (Input::isKeyPressed(Input::KEY_ESC))
if (App::clearKeyState(App::KEY_ESC))


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