What rendersettings should I choose for 4K resolution


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when creating the standard project from the editor (material ball with plane) and start it with a 4K resolution it takes between 12 and 17 milliseconds to render on a RTX6000/RTX 2080, which is most of the render budget for 60 fps. Are there 4K optimized settings for Unigine 2.14.



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Hi Sebastian,

I'm afraid it's physically not possible to create a generic "4K preset" that will work for most of the cases. Each project is different, so I think it's better to spend some time with rendering profiler and adjust all the rendering settings so you will get a good balance for your scene/hardware/resolution setup.

General advice for 4K currently is to use half / quarter post processing effects if possible and slightly lower overall settings.


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So for your Superposition example you have a 4K optimized setting. Should I start from there?

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