[SOLVED] Unigine Object Destroyed Error


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I found that a world is available as soon as the engine starts

static void Main(string[] args) {
    var systemsRoot = new NodeDummy { Name = "SystemsRoot" };
    World.SetRootNodeIndex(systemsRoot, 0);
    var n = World.GetNodeByName("SystemsRoot");
    var c = n.GetComponent<User>();

I ran the in different constructor/init processes and logged the results. I added two [MethodUpdate] with order -1 (Pre) and 1 (Post)


(I hadn't realized that World runs after user code.)

I'm writing some low-level systems (e.g., input and message bus). The docs indicate AppSystem is a good place for things like input systems. For reasons, I have code like the first three in the AppSystem constructor. Things mostly work fine...

Except, I get an error on shutdown: "Unigine's object has been destroyed but you are trying to access it." The error occurs in every case except World Init (Which kind of makes sense since I'm working in World).


I understand why errors like this occur, but I'm not sure what to do about it in this case. I've been ignoring it, but it's time to find out more. I don't want to put these things in World Init because I want to use them to drive things in system and world init. Is there something I do to avoid/suppress this? If not, kind of hoping this is a bug because startup and shutdown aren't symmetrical. :)  What is the risk if ignoring it if all else fails?

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Hi Tessalator,

Can you provide a small sample (project) of this problem? Because I don't understand where and why this error occurs.

Best regards,

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Hi alexander,

I've attached the project I used to generate the table.

The error can be produced by attaching a component to a node any time before World Init. 

// User.cs
public class User : Component { ... }

// In Main, System/World Constructor or System Init
var systemsRoot = new NodeDummy { Name = "Systems Root" };
World.SetRootNodeIndex(systemsRoot, 0);
systemsRoot.AddComponent<User>(); // Produces error on shutdown


ERROR:	Unigine.Wrapper+NativeNullReferenceException: Unigine's object has been destroyed but you are trying to access it. Use IsValidPtr() method to check it. 
ERROR:	   at Unigine.Wrapper.ExceptionNullPointer() 
ERROR:	   at Unigine.Node.Node_getLifetime(HandleRef self) 
ERROR:	   at Unigine.Node.InternalGetLifetime() 
ERROR:	   at Unigine.Node.get_Lifetime() 
ERROR:	   at Unigine.ComponentSystem.Shutdown() 
ERROR:	   at Unigine.ComponentSystem.CSWorldLogic.Shutdown() 
ERROR:	   at Unigine.WorldLogic.CallShutdown()

Edit Addition:

On a related note, the reason I'm attaching the component is to register the component to access the "scheduler" (have Update called). I think you said you can manually register components in C++. Can you do that in C#?  


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What if try to change the lifetime of this node? Does it help?

// ...
var systemsRoot = new NodeDummy { Name = "Systems Root" };
systemsRoot.Lifetime = Node.LIFETIME.ENGINE; // add this line
World.SetRootNodeIndex(systemsRoot, 0);
// ...


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Nice! That does it. Looks like I need to study node lifecycles. Thanks.

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