Cloud layer offset

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Hi, I use IG plugin . When I set cloud altitude it's looks like there's elevation offset ( 1200 m).
Similar to inserting a cloud layer in the editor, clouds have default offset. So I adjust altitude by negative offset.




Can I get to the scene node of the cloud layer directly and change the position on it?


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Hi Michal,

Long story short: new clouds implementation doesn't work with the exact numbers (and it's not going to work that way in the nearest future).

Layers can occupy a lot of space (along Z axis for example), but the actual visually seen cloud volume can be smaller than reported height. Also, each cloud layer has their own Z offset and thickness values that you need to take in account. So, it's highly likely that you need to write additional (and pretty much similar) code to cover all the clouds types.

We will try to adjust IG behavior prior 2.15 SDK update to make clouds control slightly easier (but even in this case you can't expect that cloud layer will be 1 km in height, there always will be a slight discrepancy).

Here is the rough picture of the current cloud layers implementation:




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