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Cloths and ropes on syncker


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Does syncker support synchronising things like BodyCloth and BodyRope? Our simulation features both of these (cloth simulation is used for flags waving in the wind) and because we often projector setups these should be synchronised as they might appear on the edge of two overlapping projections. I tried making a test but was unable to get it to work, the flag animation was not matching on the slave and the rope was not visible at all because apparently Syncker::Master::createNode does not support ObjectMeshDynamic (ropes are created at runtime typically and have a variable length so we can't load them from file).

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Hello, Bemined!
It is difficult to do a general sync of the meshdynamic, because it involves the sending of large data. 
therefore, you can write your own sync for the MeshDynamic where you can control exactly what data you send. 

here is a simple snippet to sync ropes and clothes



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