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On April 10th 2020 Unigine community was first released, I wanted to wish a happy birthday to the initiative and thank the developers for their patience and support here and on Discord.

My team and myself were developing a game in Unreal Engine, and after a few weeks testing Unigine, I spoke to my team (of 3) and we decided to move our project to Unigine. This would set us back a several months on our project but if all went as expected would allow us to work faster and have a better product at release. We are a team of experts on coding and 3d modeling with experience in Unity and Unreal and after one year, everyone agrees this was an excellent choice....

While people still look at the "traditional" game engines, there are several games that are currently developed in Unigine most of them under NDA. I know this because I am tutoring a few teams on Unigine. All in all we are talking about more than 40 people I personally know that are working on those games, plus others I probably don't know.... So if you have doubts, just jump into Unigine you will be very very happy of your choice....

It is easy to loose track of all the improvements made just in one year.... we had 4 engine releases, please read through them to see the progress made....quite impressive !

UNIGINE 2.11: Community Edition, Performance Optimizations, Better Particles, Archviz Demo - Unigine Developer

UNIGINE 2.12: Faster Physics, Better Clouds, Earthworks Demo, Advanced Particle Systems - Unigine Developer

UNIGINE 2.13: GPU Lightmapper, Volumetric Clouds Upgrade, Better Anti-Aliasing, New Terrain Tools Preview - Unigine Developer

UNIGINE 2.14: Cumulonimbus Clouds, C# 9, Water Wave Spectrum Control, New Landscape Generator - Unigine Developer


Happy coding guys !







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Thank you Fred for your kind words and active support of the community!

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Nice post, completely agreed and well deserved.

Hoping to see in the future:

- better integration between tools (eg. terrain tool is great so expectations are: vegetation painter tool, road tool to automatically control the vegetation placement)
- OpenGL support should probably be available in all editions
- I wanted to purchase a pro license just to support the team, but there isn't much to it unless you are releasing a project
- Pro edition should offer slightly more or just have a better support (maybe some engineering features but limited to an individual, not a company and/or have royalties)

Again I would be happy to support the team but everyone else is trying to give the best tools to their users so that the best result can be achieved and have a mutual relationship through promotion and royalties.

 Its just my opinion not a request, hoping to see more users drawn to Unigine and great things being showcased.

Thank you and keep up the good work, excited about what's coming!

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Jeff, thank you for your feedback!

If you want to support us - the best way is to spread the word among other developers. Post your progress with #madewithunigine hashtag on social media, tell your developer friends. That would help to grow the community.

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